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March 4, 2007

My fretful new passion!

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So I finally listened to my inner passion and the inspiration provided by so many of my friends in SL like Suzen Juel and Grace Buford and went and got me a new electric acoustic. I have an old Squire Strat I had been noodling on but had been missing the soul an acoustic provides. Electric Acoustic best of both worlds FTW!

I’m in a back to beginner stage with bloody fingers and all but having a great time! The open chords are coming back to me after oh, ten years away or so I’d guess. I can’t wait to get to where I don’t suck and jam with some of the greats in SL’s live musician circles. Wish me luck !






January 6, 2007

If you are a music freak check this out!

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Yes I know I’m behind the times but I finally checked out www.last.fm yesterday and am blown away.

It’s like My Space only not lame. You can develop a friends list and join musical taste inclined groups. The system also learns as you listen and develops listening stations according to your listening history. Very cool. It will also develop recommended event listings according to your tastes and gegraphical location as well. Friends can send track recommendations to you as well which may expose you to a genre you weren’t aware of being so cool.

Web page/blog resources are also available and very cool. Charts for your latest listening list as well as RSS/XML and text feeds. Check it out.

December 19, 2006

Bah HumBug !

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This time of year I frequently reflect on my life and the past holiday seasons and how they have changed. As I get older they seem to make me more and more sad/disgusted/unpleasant. The only joy I feel in the Yule time of year is the hope that my children will be happy, and the hopes that other parents are hoping/striving for the same.

I was thorougly disgusted this year to have gone into a JC Penney store, roughly the week of Halloween. Much to my chagrin what did I find ? You guessed it, 3 million Christmas trees, 2 hundred garlands and a candy cane in a shoe tree. WTF is wrong with America anymore ? No, let me re-phrase. WTF is wrong with corporate America ? Phreakin Christmas decorations etc. before even the beggars’ night ? I seriously cannot fathom what has happened to the spirit of this time of year since I was a kid. (that was a long time ago don’t phreakin ask)

This being said, I offer you my evolution in avatar presented by images. God Jul Alla ! (Happy Holidays you Phreaks !)

I will be back!

Beggars' Night

Pimptor Claus

sorry had to go yanno

Uplift of spirit with the launch of Phreak Isle

What can I say here ?

I love a catchy tune !

Rama sets marking the horizon of my mood.

The Circle is not complete, but I'm closer.

Talk to me Next Year. :(

December 7, 2006

Trent Hedges Reports on The Sarah Mac Band CD Release Party

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Very cool Machinama reporting by Trent Hedges ! Thanks for the shoutout for Phreak Radio Trent !

November 30, 2006

Sarah Mac Band CD Release Music Fest 12/2/2006

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Sarah Mac Band CD Release Music Fest 12/2/2006

Sarah Mac Band Second Life EP Release Party

This Saturday is a really big deal. Pixel Records and Phreak Radio are proud to present the Sarah Mac Band, live in concert to commemorate the release of their new EP, “Countdown to Silence.” As a way of saying thank you for all the support, residents of Second Life will be able to purchase the EP over a week before the general public. You don’t want to miss this event.

A lot of well know Second Life artists will perform at this event, which start at 3:00 PM Pacific with the Sarah Mac Band taking the stage at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). Get there early to make sure you get a spot!
Muse Isle



November 1, 2006

Phreak Radio presents Cylindrian Rutabaga and Glen Pridgen

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November 11th: Live Remote Broadcast from Jittery Joe’s Coffee Shop near Atlanta, GA

4:30-7:30pmSLT Broadcast On Phreak Radio via Menorca

*Veterans Appreciation Show*

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