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January 6, 2007

Baku has been elfed! This is an atrocity view at your own risk!

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Ok, this just in. It is disturbing indeed. It would appear that over the holidays there was a hostile takeover of Baku. The war in Christmastown ensued and it isn’t pretty. Only activate the video if you have a strong stomach. You’ve been warned!!


December 19, 2006

Bah HumBug !

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This time of year I frequently reflect on my life and the past holiday seasons and how they have changed. As I get older they seem to make me more and more sad/disgusted/unpleasant. The only joy I feel in the Yule time of year is the hope that my children will be happy, and the hopes that other parents are hoping/striving for the same.

I was thorougly disgusted this year to have gone into a JC Penney store, roughly the week of Halloween. Much to my chagrin what did I find ? You guessed it, 3 million Christmas trees, 2 hundred garlands and a candy cane in a shoe tree. WTF is wrong with America anymore ? No, let me re-phrase. WTF is wrong with corporate America ? Phreakin Christmas decorations etc. before even the beggars’ night ? I seriously cannot fathom what has happened to the spirit of this time of year since I was a kid. (that was a long time ago don’t phreakin ask)

This being said, I offer you my evolution in avatar presented by images. God Jul Alla ! (Happy Holidays you Phreaks !)

I will be back!

Beggars' Night

Pimptor Claus

sorry had to go yanno

Uplift of spirit with the launch of Phreak Isle

What can I say here ?

I love a catchy tune !

Rama sets marking the horizon of my mood.

The Circle is not complete, but I'm closer.

Talk to me Next Year. :(

October 30, 2006

Beer Can Chicken FTW2

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1-3 whole chickens (somewhere around 3 1/2 pounds each)
1/2 cup of BBQ rub
a few handfuls mesquite wood chunks

1 charcoal grill large enough to cover an upright chicken (a classic Weber Kettle will do just fine)
1 aluminum drip pan
heavy-duty aluminum foil
1 pair of long tongs
1 pair of BBQ mitts
an instant read meat thermometer.

Step 1


Set up your grill for indirect heat. Place a drip pan in the center of the charcoal grill. This is a good time to soak your woodchips in water. Light your charcoal with a chimney starter. After the briquettes are lit, pour them around the drip pan. If any fall into the drip pan, remove them with a pair of tongs and place them along the outside. Add some unlit briquettes around the perimeter of the drip pan and allow them to light.

Step 2
Rinse and clean your chicken(s) inside and out and pat dry. Don’t forget to remove the gizzards and neck bone.


Step 3


Pop open a can of beer for each chicken. Quality doesn’t matter here; domestic suds will do just fine. Empty out about a third of the beer and dispose of the beer however you see fit. Punch a couple of holes on the top with a church key can opener and sprinkle some BBQ rub in the beer can.

Step 4

beer_can_chickn_7.jpg beer_can_chickn_3.jpg beer_can_chickn_4.jpg


Step 5
Check your bird(s) in about fifteen minutes and make sure that there aren’t any areas that are getting crispier than others. After about 70 minutes take the temperature of your birds in the thickest part of the thigh with your instant read thermometer. When your birds get in the range of 170-175 degrees, they are done. Remove the chicken from the grill with your tongs and let it rest (about 10-15 minutes), trying not to spill any of the remaining beer. Removing the can from the butt is a bit tricky a little twist helps, but most importantly is to hold the bird steady while you take it out. Throw away the beer cans and serve the chicken.

Beer Can Chicken  lick-lips.jpg

Making Dehydrated Banana Chips FTW

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Gather your helpers. You will need them to fend off the snakes,
giant iguana’s, spiders, and jungle rats.

cimg0481.jpg cimg0495_2.jpg Beer Can Chicken

Tromp through the jungle and cut down your bananas, pick off the
banana spiders.


Banana’s should be yellow, not too green… and not black and
squishy as seen below.


If you need to ripen green banana’s just put them in a dish or
paper bag for a day or two with an apple and they will ripen
rapidly. Gather your ingredients. 1/2 Cup Maple Syrup, 1 Cup of Lemon
Juice, 1/2 Cup Honey and a couple of swigs of rum.

cimg0499.jpg cimg0493.jpg cimg0481.jpg

Cut up several bunches of ripe bananas – around 8 cups, into slices
about 1/8th inch thick. Put the liquid ingredients together and
then pour it on the bananas. Allow this to soak into the bananas for
about an hour or two.

cimg0505.jpgcimg0483.jpg cimg0501.jpg cimg0482_2.jpg

Put a plastic sheet on the last layer of the dehydrator. Drain the
bananas and put the slices on the sheet. Put bananas on each level
of the dehydrator after that until all the bananas are in the

  cimg0498.jpg  cimg0496.jpg
Put the dehydrator on the highest setting for six hours then bring it
down to fruit. Dehydrate for 2 days. If the bananas stick to the
sheets just put them in the freezer and they will pop right off the

cimg0496.jpg cimg0495_2.jpg cimg0493.jpg

This is what the bananas look like all golden and honey dried.



Love, Leck.

p.s. Many thanks to Rose for the pictures of her cats.

Beer Can Chicken

October 8, 2006

Hello intarweb!

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Well I did it! Thanks very much LL for MAKING me do it. I have no idea what I’ll do with IT. I may make a beer can chicken Beer Can Chickenthis weekend and document it here. I’m all about one upmanship. http://www.tacorubio.com

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