Lecktor Hannibal DOT Blahg – Digusting and Singularly Unpleasant


What is this about you ask ? Well, ME of course!

I want to thank Coco Coacoanut for naming the blog for me. Without her alternate view of me I would certainly not have come up with anything intelligent.

Lecktor Hannibal is not really me. Lecktor Hannibal is really me. Lecktor Hannibal exists in my mind and a virtual world called Second Life . If you’re not familiar with this world check it out. It’s free (bring on the greefers) and so amazing at times it makes my jaw drop. It is a cross between a MMORPG and a 3d modeling/chat world. I’ve been a member for over 2 years now and am constantly amazed at what I see there.

I like motorcycles, beer and women and try to partake of all 3 in vast quantities. I’m also a struggling musician who has recently been re-inspired by a woman named Grace Buford who is also a member of Second Life and goes by the name of Cylindrian Rutabaga. Her avatar performs live music in this alternate world, sometimes simultaneously while her real avatar performs in various venues in the south east. You can check her out in my links. Buy her music you will not be sorry. Her voice and style rings of an earthy mix of Janis Joplin and Joan Baez while her fingers skillfully assault the strings of her guitar. She is also a very accomplished pianist and her voice is something else to hear. That ass kissing aside, she has inspired me to kickstart my musical abilities again.

I had over 8 years of structured piano instruction and 2 years of guitar. I’ve not touched either in years. I recently purchased a new keyboard and borrowed a buddie’s strat and amp he wasn’t using and am trying to find time to get re-aquainted with both instruments again. I hope to appear on the Live Musician scene in Second Life in the not so distant future. Wish me luck.

Another hobby of mine is internet radio. I’ve been involved with this in Second Life, which allows streaming music into the world , for almost as long as I’ve been a member. My current project is a collaboration with my good friend Taco Rubio, also in my links, called Phreak Radio.

We have a good number of DJs and are also now getting some Live Musicians to utilize our services, Grace being the first to jump on the Phreak Wagon. Give us a listen. Ok my fingers are tired. Enjoy the site.


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